Define a Binary Options Strategy

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The major distinction between binary options and ordinary gambling is that for the latter no or little strategy is necessary, as in most cases it is operated following the expectation or chance. Binaries’ traders base themselves on more complex ways. Nevertheless, it is really hard to form a policy at the initial steps. The current article will examine separate aspects, which might be regarded by you when forming your binary options strategy to guarantee that it achieves your deposit requirements and let you apply your strong side in order to increase your profit to a maximum level.

Choose your time periods

The initial aspect to think of is the operating time period. It may also be debated on that for options it is much more crucial than in case of other kinds of trading. The reason for it is that the expiry period is set prior to the real beginning of the trade.

Choosing the time span is dependent on numerous conditions. How do you describe yourself as a trader? What quantity of time (everyday) is it possible for you to spend on trading (including searching for possibilities)? Do you like fast methods (for example as in one-minute options)? Or maybe a traditional method, like long-run ones (applying options with a week or month-long expirations)? Do you know any important upcoming news or events (for example, the decision on interest rate or release of corporate revenues) that might influence the outcome of the particular trade?

The above mentioned aspects have to be examined when figuring out the format of your trading features. In this case the outcome would differ according to each particular trader.

Choosing the assets to operate with

The second aspect to consider when establishing your policy is to define the trading assets. Do you possess sufficient informational basis regarding the concrete asset kind? In case, for instance, you possess solid knowledge about the stock market (and have interpretation skill in earning statements) it will be wise for you to concentrate on them. On the other hand, in case you are experienced in macroeconomics, you would like to concentrate on currency and commodity.

Pay attention to the aspects specifically influencing every kind of these assets. It is crucial to have a possibility to operate in an active way within these events. In case of commodity trades, these are reports on inventory from the oil field each week; however for currency it is essentially to control the market at the time of the meeting of the main central banks.

Analysis – Technical or Fundamental?

When the above mentioned aspects are defined, it is necessary to figure out the prediction about the price fluctuations. The following things will be helpful in this – technical analysis with the help of charts, fundamental analysis, which requires the investigation of specific report or, in some cases, the mixture of two. In case you are good at math and theory of probability, the chart-method would be more workable for you. However, for the traders with the left side of the brain prevailing, it would be advisable to work with economic reports, which provide information on prices of the assets.

The majority of the traders will combine the two policies, looking for the crucial event to form the general trend (for price to fluctuate), and after that apply the technical method to define the precise price to commit the trade. The combination of these two methods guarantees the higher probability for a beneficial outcome, because you base your decision both on financial information and evaluation of the assets.

Apply strong side when establishing a binary options strategy

It might seem frightening to establish your personal trading policy. It is true, that predicting the asset prices might be really difficult. However, when you split the process into small portions, it begins to seem understandable. The majority of these aspects will depend on your deposit requirements.

Would you preffer to act agressively (high rate of both risk and reward) or traditionally with the help of prolonging the operating periods? Luckily, there are possibilities on the markets to act according to any models and investment targets. Thus, regardless of the path you select, you can find the approach, which would be most suitable for your trading variant.